Friday, May 13, 2005

Totally fed up

After two years, we are totally fed up at the lack of developments. Our insurance company hasn't provided us with a settlement yet and Brent Council aren't replying to our enquiries.

We have decided to do something that we've put off for the last 2 years - and that is to decorate our home. Like many such projects it is becoming a bigger job than we initially expected! We've ended up plastering all of our hallway and the room where the crack beside the window is.

It seems like next door's subsidence may have settled. It is 18 months now since we have noticed anything getting any worse.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Next door neighbours are re-housed

Is the council going to be doing something at last? Our next door neighbours have been re-housed in brand new housing. The next door property is now empty. Lots of rubbish is in the front garden. It looks derelict. Hopefully Brent Council will clear this up and start mending the property.

[edit - the property was not made secure when our neighbours moved out]